Rosa Parks Elementary PTSA


How much money do I get as Teacher grant?



Is teacher grant what I can use for Book fair?

You can use any of your left over funds from teacher grant or Fun Run grant for Book fair. On top of that each teacher will have $50 to spend in the book fair. Don’t forget tapping into the parent donations by picking your wish list books earlier during book fair


How much does each grade have for classroom enrichment Projects and how do I get this approved?

Each grade has $1500 for spending on classroom enrichment / Special Projects. Once you have the project and amount details, fill in a funding request form from the PTSA inbox and put it in the PTSA bin. These will be reviewed every month at the PTSA board meeting . For anything beyond $1500, do sending in a funding request, PTSA will fund based on available funds in other buckets, and if not, we can ask parents to pitch in for the remainder.


How do I get my classroom spending reimbursed ( classroom grant / Fun run grant )?

Use the Check Request Form in the PTSA Forms inbox, attach receipts , put into the treasurer inbox – Don’t forget to fill in the Check Request Log for tracking.


What should I do if I want to ask PTSA for more money for some project?

If it is an ask beyond Teacher grant and Grade level Classroom enrichment grant - Fill a Funding request form from the PTSA forms inbox and put it in the PTSA bin. These will be reviewed during the PTSA board meeting that happen once a month.


What do I do if I have a child in need of financial help?

PTSA has a scholarship budget for these requests. Refer the ask to the school counsellor and they’ll check the request and let PTSA know if approved .


What if I have an urgent request and cannot wait till the board meeting or other PTSA questions?

Email to do board review outside the board meeting.