Rosa Parks Elementary PTSA

Reflections Art Competition


Get your student’s creative juices flowing for this year’s Reflections competition.
The theme is I Matter Because…”


What is Reflections?  A national arts competition offered through the PTSA.  Students enter a piece of art that goes through a judging process with the potential to advance to the Council, State and National level. 


What are the Art Categories?  

1. Visual Art (2-D only)

2. Music Composition

3. Photography

4. Literature

5. Film Production

6. Dance Choreography

7. Special Artist Division (for students with disabilities). 


Who can participate?  Any student registered with Rosa Parks Elementary.


How to get started? 

1. Review the Rules for the art category and the Checklist for Success, both located on the PTSA website under Student Programs: Reflections.   

2. Reflect on the theme. 

3. Create a piece of art.  (The only help parents can give… is buying the art supplies and loading it on the computer.)  

4. Submit two things: 1) The art along with 2) A completed Student Entry Form (a fillable PDF) also located on the website.  Note: signatures are NOT required on Entry Forms this year.


What is new this year?

Students will be submitting entries online: Visual Arts & Photography (JPG / JPEG / PNG format); Literature (PDF format); Dance & Film (MP4 and AVI format); Music Composition (MP3 and WAV); Entry Forms (fillable PDF).  Upload location will be announced soon.  The Reflections Chair will provide help to any student who is deterred by submitting entries online. 


When is the deadline?  Monday, October 26, 2020


Questions / Concerns?  Contact Gail Coles, Reflections Chair at