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After School Programs Information


Dear Families of Rosa Parks, 

We hope that all your kiddos have enjoyed the start of the school year.

At the PTSA we have been working with our afterschool clubs to find the best and safest way to provide after school enrichment through virtual on-line experiences. In a change from previous years, sign up for the clubs will be done through the club websites using the links below. This means that the clubs are able to offer a wider range of options for days and times that may bring together students from different schools across the country, giving you more flexibility to choose clubs at times and days that suit. By not requiring parent chaperones, we can give back some time to parents to support their kids or catch up with work (or have a quick nap, we don't judge ??).

We will be sending out a short survey towards the end of this term to see how well the online clubs are working, how engaged the kids are with the clubs, and how much time parents will have to support clubs in the future. Our model of offering these clubs will change and evolve as we all get used to virtual schooling, and as we look to the future where kids may return to school next year, or may continue learning from home.

We are constantly looking for more clubs to share with Rosa Parks families, so keep an eye out for future emails!

Stay Safe. 

Nat and Jim

CO-VP: After School Programs

Rosa Parks -PTSA

  •  New! School Home Connect 

Online coding class, focusing on Scratch and Web Design. Classes for K-5.

  • Creating Art Studio

Art classes for kids of ages: 5-7 & 8-11. Pay per connection, not per student so families can make art at the same time.

  • Young Rembrandts

Young Rembrandts provides teacher led art classes for all ages in socially distanced setting in accordance with your states and local school guidelines, they offer online classes available through on-demand or live online. 

  • Crimson Canvas Arts

Crimson Canvas is an Art Studio where we offer art lessons with a goal to teach much more than drawing, painting and sculpting!

Each art class or workshop is designed to provide children with skill level & age-appropriate artistic experiences. The curriculum is embedded in developmentally-based lessons that encourage self-expression and imagination but at the same time focus on “Rudiments of Art”.

  • Chess4Life

Chess4Life Online Chess Clubs are a great enrichment activity for your student while learning from home. Students have lessons with a LIVE experienced Chess4Life coach, in a FUN and ENGAGING environment. Chess Club is held every week day, with the option of two times. Parents can choose to have their student join one day a week OR have full access to attend any and every day they would like!

  • Discover Yoga

Virtual Vital Energy Yoga for Kids offers a fun and engaging way to promote well being in mind, body, and spirit in a non-competitive, nurturing way. The only real requirement for attendees is to come with your imagination!  Be ready to practice some simple breathing exercises, cool yoga poses, and energy work including meditation techniques customized for kids to calm anxiousness and relieve stress. Yoga has never been so enjoyable or so inventive!

  • Habla Spanish

Give your child the gift of a second language. This class is designed to help the students build their knowledge of Spanish integrating the four key areas of foreign language study: listening, speaking, reading and writing. We will cover grammar concepts, vocabulary, conversation, and the culture of Spanish speaking countries while keeping the students engaged with age appropriate games, stories and activities. Let's begin this exciting journey together!

For registration contact:

  • Cooking round the world

Hands-On Zoom Cooking Classes for KidsFun and Yum! The length of a class is 1.5 hours. Children will be sent the zoom link, and recipes for ingredients to buy and cookware to prepare before class begins.

  • Mad Science

Our interactive after-school programs cover a broad spectrum of science topics in a hands-on way that is sure to get every child’s attention. After-school programs help students grasp foundational scientific concepts without them even knowing they’re learning.

  • Leap Lego Engineering

Kids learn while they play in a structured setting learning: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, as well as, creative thinking and problem-solving social collaboration and teamwork fine motor skills.

LEAP classes and camps provide structured problem solving and critical thinking to creative play while teaching an integrated platform of science, technology, engineering, math as well as social studies, history, and geography.


The small print

Due to the online nature of these clubs, you will need to work with each club to find out their computing requirements and ensure that you have the right software, hardware or internet access needed. The Rosa Parks PTSA cannot provide technical support.


Rosa Parks PTSA does not sponsor, endorse, or recommend any of the organizations, services, or activities described in this email. In consideration for the privilege to distribute these materials, Rosa Parks PTSA shall be held harmless from any causes of action filed in any court or administrative tribunal arising out of the distribution of these materials, including all costs, attorney's fees, judgments, or awards.