Rosa Parks Elementary PTSA

Welcome PUMA Volunteers!!

Volunteers are essential to our school and support the work that is being done by our teachers and school staff. To make this year a great success, WE NEED YOU! By getting involved, you will meet other parents and staff, get to know your kids’ peers and participate in your child’s learning experience.

There are many reasons to volunteer. First and foremost, YOU truly make a difference. Before deciding where or in what capacity you would like to serve as a volunteer, think about what or how you would like to contribute to the school. It is important that you enjoy what you are doing in the volunteer capacity.

How Can I Volunteer at Rosa Parks?

Opportunities to get involved with your child's education are abundant! Volunteers work in every aspect of school operation, from classroom and health room helpers, to organizing and manning special events and extracurricular activities. Volunteer opportunities can be weekly, monthly or even onetime events. Whether you only have a couple of hours to give or willing to make a longer commitment, there is something for everyone. If every parent committed to finding something that works for them, our teachers, staff, PTSA, and the children would benefit greatly. You will also benefit by getting to know the kids, other parents and the staff.

Some examples of volunteer needs:

Classroom Help - Might include room parent, art docent, weekly math/reading, occasional field trip chaperones, at-home help or other special requests by teacher etc...

PTSA Board Member - Hold a position on the board for a year (or more). Help make decisions surrounding our school and PTSA. PTSA board meetings occur once a month and are in the evening to accommodate working parents who are involved. General Membership Meetings occur approx 4 times during the school year.

PTSA Volunteers - Chair or co-chair a one-time event, organize an; International Night, Science Night, Staff Luncheon, Book Fair, Sustanibility and/or help out at special family events such as Back to School, Pancake Breakfast, End of School, etc...

Assisting around the School - Volunteers to help at school book fairs, picture day, health room helper, vision screening day, sustanibility green team etc...

Where to find volunteer opportunities

- Back to School packet.

- Attend the Volunteer Orientation on September 10, 9:00am in the Art room

Puma Info, sign up to receive the weekly PTSA school newsletter at

Classroom, ask your child's teacher how can you help.

Bulletin Board, located in front of the office.


What if I work or have little ones at home, but still want to volunteer?

If regular/weekly volunteering isn't possible at this time in your life, consider a more flexible opportunity that you can make work with your schedule. Typically field trips, class parties, and school events, are planned well in advance to allow parents time to arrange for child care or time off work if it's possible. Opportunities such as art docent, stem adventure etc are flexible and can be made to work with your schedule. Some of the PTA board meetings are in the evenings to accommodate working parents who are involved.

Lost & Found is a great option to help out when you have a little one with you. We need someone to come in daily, on their own schedule during school hours, to organize the Lost and Found for the day. 

Get creative - if you have a small child at home, chances are other parents in your class do too! Reach out to others and trade off play dates with the little ones so you can occasionally help out in your older child's class. Everyone wins!

What about Dads and other family members (grandparents etc)?

Dads bring a different energy to volunteering and the kids absolutely love it when dads get involved at school, attend a field trip or help out in their classroom. We have dads serve on the PTA board, dads helping in the classrooms, art docents, WATCH Dog and chaperoning field trips. We appreciate our current dad volunteers but can certainly use plenty more! Grandparents and other family members are also welcome to volunteer at Rosa Parks!

HOW to volunteer?

- Mandatory background check. Before you start volunteering at Rosa Parks, per Lake Washington School District policy, you must go through a screening process for the safety of students and volunteers alike. Follow the link to apply NOW LWSD New Volunteer Background Application. This process can take up to two weeks to complete, so volunteers are recommended to begin this process early. Once approved you’ll receive an email message, volunteer approval status will last for two years.

- Contact your child's teacher, any PTA board member, and subscribe to the Puma Info, Facebook, Twitter for volunteer announcements.

- Miss an email? Opportunities are listed in the Puma Archive, and are also listed here (website account needed to sign up).

Questions? Read the volunteers’ handbook here.

Microsoft Volunteer Match Benefit Program

Microsoft employees can help Rosa Parks PTSA get money for their volunteer hours. Volunteer for the school and submit a match request at the MS Giving portal. There is no longer a minimum number of hours that must be reached to be match eligible. Microsoft matches $25 for every volunteer hour for the employee. Employees have a total of $15,000 in matching funds which can be used for matching donations of money, product, or time to eligible organizations. The match limit is reset each calendar year on January 1st.

For more information, contact Co-VP Volunteers and Services at