Rosa Parks Elementary PTSA

Winter 2017-2018 After School Program Schedule

Registration opens on 12/05 at 7am and closes on 12/15


  Registrations are on a first come first served basis. There will be no lotteries held. When programs are full, registrations will no longer be accepted.

  • Detailed information can be found on individual program pages including payment links below


  • Please ensure that you read the complete Program Information page for requirements and the Polices and Requirements document that you agree to by registering your child for each program. Additionally, registration and payment will be completely through our PTSA website this time.
  • At least one parent should be a PTSA member to signup for after school programs, Click here to get your membership”


Day   Program Grade/Age
Monday  Drama (audition required)
  Ellipsis (FULL)  
Tuesday Drama (audition required)  
  Lego Jr. Builder K - 2
  Clay 3 - 5 
Wednesday Zumba for kids K-2 K - 2
  Ellipsis (FULL)  
  Chess4Life K-5 
  Japanese Art 1 - 5 
Thursday Art Club 1
Program starts in Feb)
2 - 3

Art Club 2

(Program starts in Feb)

4 - 5
  Skyhawks Basketball K - 5 
  Zumba for kids 3-5 3 - 5
  Puma Choir 2 - 3
  Lego Robotics 3 - 5
 Friday Skyhawks Soccer K - 5 
  Juggling club 2 - 5



No Refunds - More details on this and other policies in the Policies document.