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Science in Action (First time taught this school year)

In this updated, eight-week course, our Junior Mad Scientists put science to work as we examine how potential and kinetic energy is used to power toys, learn about frequencies and cell phones, explore what life is like underwater, discover how the sun, wind, and water make electricity, and experiment with action-reaction forces as we investigate Newton’s three laws of motion. Every Mad Science class delivers engaging hands-on activities, amazing demonstrations, and fun educational take-homes that your Junior Mad Scientist can build and share with family and friends. Our program is a unique and innovative way to continue the learning process after school and your child will have so much fun it is hard to believe that they are actually learning at the same time.

Class Schedule : Apr 13th - June 8th (8 Sessions. No Class on May 25th)                              
Mondays (3.05 pm - 4.05 pm)
Location : Class Room A104
Grades :K-5
Min Students:15
Max Students:20
Tuition per Student : $121
Instructor Contact Information: Audrey Horn,

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Parents - please note that you need to fill out an emergency form available at PTSA website under programs for each child you register. Submit the completed form to program instructor or parent volunteer on  the first day of class.

PTSA Sponsored Program – Mandatory Requirements

In order for your student to participate in a PTSA after-school program, you, as the parent or guardian, are required to volunteer as a class chaperons at least once during the course of each program your student is in. Please read the Program Policies found on the Rosa Parks PTSA website. By registering for a program, you agree to comply with these policies.

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Parent Chaperon Requirements

After-school programs are allowed at Rosa Parks due to PTSA sponsorship. Our PTSA insurance policy states that in order to run our programs the following requirements must be met.  It is the PTSA’s responsibility to ensure that each of our members adhere to these policies in order to protect our PTSA and our after-school programs.

  1. At least one adult approved by the school district to volunteer must be present to witness any potential accidents that may occur.  If you are not currently a PTSA member, we invite you to join as you are required to be a PTSA member to participate.
  2. It is your responsibility to find a district approved chaperon to cover for you if you cannot make your scheduled day. If the chaperon is not present, the class will have to be cancelled.
  3. Each volunteer must be cleared by the Lake Washington school district in order to volunteer in any after-school program. You can pick up a volunteer application from the front office or go online to It generally takes two weeks for approval. Please make sure you give yourself time to be cleared before you are scheduled to volunteer.
  4. Each parent is accountable for their scheduled day/days to chaperon. There will be a sign-in sheet at each after-school program for the PTSA chaperon to sign.

All chaperons must be approved volunteers by the LWSD as well as members of the Rosa Parks PTSA. Please read our Program Policies for complete details.

Your responsibilities as a Chaperon include:

  • Witness any accidents should they occur
  • If a student does not show up and notification was not given, you will need to go to the office and use the emergency form to contact parents/guardians
  • If the instructor does not show up you will need to go to the office and use the emergency forms to contact all parents/guardians to have the children picked up
  • Every instructor will have a copy of the emergency forms. In the case that an instructor does not show up, extra copies of the emergency forms are available in the labeled program folders located in the PTSA Programs mailbox in the front office workroom.