Rosa Parks Elementary PTSA



Math Adventures (MA) is a PTSA sponsored math program that supports the curriculum taught at Rosa Parks. During the school day, students work in small groups with parent volunteers using a variety of math games and activities that enrich the skills taught in the classroom. The goal of MA is to encourage our students understanding of math beyond arithmetic while experiencing that Math Is Fun!


·       A Parent Coordinator will be the liaison with the teacher and other volunteers, set up the schedule for the year and select the game to play (math and strategy games). Parent Volunteers work together to lead groups of students and play the math game.

·       Based on the teacher’s preference, each session is usually held twice a month and lasts for an hour.

·       Games, materials (the MA binder for each classroom contains lesson plans for each grade) and training will be provided.

·       You don't need to be gifted in math … just have the desire to play and learn with your children.


You will be able to sign up for Math Adventures during Curriculum Night. Then we will have a General Meeting to review the MA program and procedures. This should be a quick meeting. MA sessions should begin in October.

 Information on the games that we play can be found here:

To volunteer or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact the PTSA MA Co-chairs - Lindsey Martin ( and Sanna Villanen ([]