Rosa Parks Elementary PTSA




Dear Puma volunteers,

We have several volunteer opportunities waiting for you. If you are interested or need more info, please contact:

Thank you for your help in advance!



Popcorn Friday needs 4/5 volunteers, for 8 dates during the schoolyear, for about 3 hours each time.

Volunteers will need to help from 8-10:30am, depending on the # of preorders. The job consists of popping the popcorn, put it in bags, delivering the boxes to the classrooms. For the chair, the person will be in contact with the Principal to set up the dates and the office manager to manage the popcorn and bags supplies. It’s super fun and you get the chance to be called “popcorn lady” in the hallway.


The remaining dates for the year: are: 10/26 - 11/30 - 01/25 - 02/22 - 03/29 - 04/26 - 06/14





We are looking for 1 or 2 parents who would like to coordinate playdates for the new Kindergarteners.

Ideally, we would like to have parents of current Kindergarteners or future KG students to organize these events.

Volunteers will have to organize 2 events in the year (in the Sprin and or Summer) for new students to meet before school year starts. Playdates are normally two hours long, take place in the school playground and can be organized anytime and day you want. You can make it simple or fancy. It’s up to you!

Parents and children love to have these opportunities to meet!



The PTSA is looking for some people to help create a Sustainability Chair/Committee. The chair/committee will work on developing and implementing policies, practices and projects that promote sustainable systems thinking among students, staff and families; reduce the school’s and PTSA’s environmental impact; and improve overall sustainability within the school environment and community.

 Thank you,

Renee and Larissa

Rosa Parks, co VP Volunteers and Services


All volunteer opportunities will also be posted regularly on our PTSA website:, on Facebook and Twitter.